Who Else Needs Leads And Orders Generated For Them Every Single Month Using Google AdWords?

The best kind of people to be selling to, are those that are already looking for your product or service.
And the best way to find those people is through Google search.

On any given day there are literally billions of searches happening on Google.  Of those billion searches, thousands of them may be searching for your very product or service… the question I have for you is this: are they finding your website, or your competitors’ websites?

Did you know those little ads that show up on the top (and side) of Google Search results pages can be your most reliable source of new customers?  Yes, more reliable that trying to show up highly in organic results (where you’re at the mercy of Google’s ever changing search algorithms).

Many businesses in New Zealand are still avoiding AdWords. Perhaps you tried AdWords for your business and ended up spending a whole chunk of cash with little (or maybe no) new sales to show for it?

If you’re worried about wasting money down the drain with Google AdWords, then you’re going about it the wrong way…

Yes, there’ll be an initial period of testing and optimisation before the engine starts going smoothly, but the one thing you shouldn’t worry about with AdWords, is spending thousands of dollars without knowing whether it’s worked.

Whenever we set up an AdWords account, for ourselves or our clients, we ask the question, what is the goal we’re trying to achieve? More phone calls, more quote requests, or more email enquires?
Whatever it is, the important thing is to set up conversion tracking – so that any money spent paying for AdWords can be tracked to the resulting leads/sales from your website.  Once conversion tracking is set up, it’s an ongoing process of split testing ads, keyword and landing pages on your website in order to get better click-through rates, lower costs per click and higher conversion (percentage of people that become paying clients).

A correctly optimised AdWords campaign and website will become the basis of your online sales funnel.

Our goal with consulting and account management, is to get your AdWords campaigns to the point where you’ll be more than happy to keep investing in ads, because for each $1 you spend you’ll see more than $1 in profits.

To find out more about what kind of results you can expect for your business, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. Remember, we only want to serve clients we know are going to get maximum ROI for each dollar they spend. After talking with you about your business we’ll know whether we’ll be a good fit and will take you through the next steps…

What can AdWords do for your business?  Find out now with a free phone consultation

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