Marketing on Facebook

Harness the flexibility of Facebook marketing for your business

Used with careful thought, Facebook is an amazing marketing tool. It can help you to understand your customers, promote your products and services, raise brand awareness and much, much more.

According to Nielson Online Ratings in September 2013, Facebook alone reaches 75% of 35- 54s in a typical month!  That’s a huge marketing opportunity! Some research from Colmar Brunton in July 2013 revealed older audiences can be found there too!  70% of those in the 60 – 64 age group use social media, as do 66% of those aged 65-69 and 58% of those are over 70! And where are they?  Facebook of course!

But a word of warning.  Social Media is not just a matter of tossing a few ads on Facebook! More and more ads are appearing on all social networks including Facebook so content must be relevant, engaging and non intrusive.

Things we know are true about marketing on Facebook

  • As with any other digital activity, you need to have a strategy and goals for Facebook marketing. Do you want more Facebook likes? More traffic to your website? Or simply to have fun with your customers?
  • Facebook is best not used as a ‘hard sell’. It’s a fun social place where people are catching up with friends. Your Facebook activity needs to be compatible with the basic nature of the channel.
  • Use pictures and videos – they are the heart of Facebook. Words alone will not win people over.
  • You can’t set up a Facebook page, then forget about it. Somebody has to be actively engaged with posts and responses.
  • Your voice on Facebook should sound like a real person – not a faceless business.
  • Think like a customer. Ask yourself ‘what’s in it for me?’. If there’s nothing in it for you, there’s no point posting.

Do you want to get going with Facebook, but don’t know how to start?  Do you already have a Facebook page that’s not performing?  Contact us today to get your Facebook life sorted.