Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you talk business with business people

If your business relies on selling to other businesses, LinkedIn is a powerful channel for marketing, brand awareness and network expansion. It can also be used effectively for recruitment and building your profile as a ‘subject matter expert’.

There’s a not-very-subtle mind shift when people switch from checking their Facebook news feed to looking at LinkedIn. Immediately, they’re in a business mood. LinkedIn is professional and pragmatic. It’s about career advancement, adding to knowledge and making connections. Not a cat video in sight.

Ways to use LinkedIn

  • Use LinkedIn Ads to promote your products or services
  • Promote your blog and your website
  • Ask for recommendations – written endorsements from clients can help you to get more business
  • Find business leads – create a shortlist of people to contact
  • Send targeted ‘InMails’ to prospects – you only pay if they’re opened
  • Create a group or an event
  • Build a company page on LinkedIn
  • Become a LinkedIn ‘influencer’


Do you want help with using LinkedIn effectively? Does your LinkedIn profile need more content and excitement?  Do you want to know how to become a LinkedIn influencer? Contact us today to get LinkedIn working for your business.