Social Media

If you haven’t incorporated social media into your marketing flight plan, then it is about time you did! Need convincing?

Here’s some key statistics about social media in New Zealand that will astound you!

  • 90% of Kiwis between 18 and 39 now use social media (Colmar Brunton research, July 2013)
  • Facebook alone reaches 75% of 35-54s in a typical month (Nielsen Online Ratings, September 2013)
  • Older audiences can be found there too. 70% of those in the 60-64 age group use social media, as do 66% of those aged 65-69 and 58% of those over 70 (Colmar Brunton research, July 2013
  • Social Media is not just for connecting with friends. 40% of New Zealanders have been contacted about a potential job opportunity via a social media network and 17% of New Zealand respondents had successfully secured a new job opportunity in this way (Kelly Global Workforce Index, November 2013)
  • Kiwis use Social Media for purchase recommendations. 85% of buying decisions are made by researching the web for recommendations and information.92% of Kiwis trust recommendations from their peers. (Localist, November 2013)
  • They’re very frequent visitors. 24% of Kiwis use their 4G smartphone or tablet tocheck social media apps at least 20 times a day (Vodafone 4G Network Report, November 2013)
  • Social media is now considered more important than traditional print advertising in [industries such as] the food and beverage industry (Grant Thornton International Food and Beverage report, October 2013)
  • Social media has increased the speed of delivery of the message to market, enabling adaptability and a quick reaction time, but only if the organisation is geared up for it. An online presence can be a game changer for companies operating in a country like New Zealand, where retailer power is concentrated.” (Grant Thornton New Zealand Partner and National Leader, Food and Beverage, Simon Hunter)
  • Male business owners (in particular) need to lift their social media game. Over a quarter of women SME operators (27%) use a social media site to promote their business, compared to 21% of men. (MYOB Business Monitor, August 2013)
  • Mastering social media can lead to more effective business development too. 92% of business people say that networking is a key part of professional development and business success, but only 8% of respondents chose social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as their preferred method of networking. (The Icehouse survey, August 2013)

Interesting isn’t it!  Need some social strategy, social pages set up or maybe you just want to hand it all over to our crew to manage for you?