Marketing on Twitter

Engage your customers with ‘short but sweet’ tweets

Twitter is a ‘micro blog’ that can help your business stay front-of-mind with customers. It’s the SMS of the internet – messages can’t exceed 140 characters.

On this short-lived channel you can share a profound thought, a special offer, a tip, a link, picture or a quick piece of news. And of course you can retweet other peoples’ Twitter contributions. When you’re tweeting for your business, it’s important to think about how your tweet will be received – is there something in it for the recipient?

Twitter can be a good way to build your personal profile within your industry. If you tweet smart, people will think you’re smart.

Twitter tactics to boost your business

  • Start gathering followers by writing really interesting tweets or creating ‘twitter only’ offers
  • Use key words that are relevant to your target
  • Tweet at sensible times of the day
  • Use your brand as an avatar
  • Write a proper Twitter bio, so people can tell you’re not a spammer
  • Share current events and links that are relevant to your customers
  • Use hashtags to extend the reach of your tweets

Are you interested in Twitter, but not quite sure how to use it for your type of business? Do you need someone to tweet for you? Contact us today to develop your Twitter strategy.