Marketing on YouTube

YouTube video marketing to boost sales and look after customers

It’s an unquestionable truth that most people are lazy – if they can watch something rather than read, they will. If it’s entertaining, that’s even better.

YouTube is a dream come true for businesses that need a cost-effective way to demonstrate how their products or services work. The videos or animations don’t have to be fancy – home-made, hand-held productions are part of the YouTube culture.

Maybe you don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. From concepts and script writing to affordable video and animation production, we can help you to create the YouTube assets you need. Then we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that pulls in the viewers.

How to get YouTube working for you

  • Create video content that looks after your customers, in one way or another
  • Create simple video animations that explain your product or service
  • Use YouTube to host instructional videos related to your products or services
  • Capture customer testimonials on video and post them on YouTube (just make sure you have the customer’s permission first)
  • If you have employees who are good in front of a camera, use them as presenters to talk about innovations, new products or case studies
  • Make ‘problem solution’ videos, based on your customers’ challenges
  • Embed your YouTube videos on your website – it’s a simple cut and paste job
  • Optimise your videos for search engines by loading key works into the title and description
  • Personalise your YouTube channel by choosing colours that match your brand
  • Add annotations to your videos that include clickable calls to action
  • Advertise on YouTube – there are several ways to do this


Do you want to harness the persuasive power of video content? Are your people always explaining things to customers that would be better explained with a video? Do you want to give your brand or company a human face? Contact us today to talk about smart marketing with YouTube.